Amazon Prime Student

So, I signed up for a 30 day free trial with Amazon Prime the other day because I needed to order medicine for my dogs and wanted it here in 2 days rather than a week. I never realized how much really came with Amazon Prime though. There is a lot! If I was not already a shared member on my sister’s prime, I would purchase Prime just for the instant access to movies and television shows. Of course, I found one of my all-time favorite shows on Amazon Prime Video — Grimm. I go through phases of Amazon, Netflix, and my cable on demand shows (NBC, Fox, Lifetime, etc.) so I haven’t watched Prime Video in a while, but I think I will go back to it soon. Especially since I have my own now and do not have to feel guilty about using my sister’s.

Along with the 2-day shipping, and Prime Video, there are many benefits to Amazon Prime. The most note-worthy are the Prime Rewards if you have an Amazon credit card. I had planned on getting one and would have if I found Prime sooner, but instead, I have a Walmart card and I can’t damage my credit anymore by taking out another card.

Prime Pantry is an interesting concept, but I am not sure yet how well it works (any users want to comment on this). Essentially it is the same as going to the grocery store, without the hassle of loading up kids or what-have-you to go to the store. But, I have not been able to find things that I need for a reasonable price. I want to love the idea, and the Prime Pantry is the reason I switched from the one-month free trial to the six-month student trial.

There is also PrimeNow if you live in one of the cities they work with (which I do not) which is an even better concept of 1-2 hour delivery. Unfortunately for me, I live in the middle of corn fields.

The few things that are not included in being a student are the Prime Music and Ebooks, but for a 6-month trial, and 50% off the rest of the time, I think I can survive.


Since I am new to this, I will update with more information once I have used my 6-month free trial, but for now, if you wish to utilize your free trial, check it out Here.


Signing Off

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